Flutter Developer

Kerala , India

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Create and develop complex, highly scalable apps with Flutter.
    • Utilize the features and APIs included in native Android and iOS to create custom packages in Flutter.
      Create and build the high-quality, responsive UI code from the designs and wireframes.
    • Investigate workable architectures for adding additional features.
    • Fix any issues the system currently has, and add new features that will benefit the entire system.
    • Suggest Data Structures that are fast and space efficient.
    • While developing the app, adhere to best practices and maintain a structured, well-documented process.
    • For easy deployment, use CI/CD.
    • Effective documentation and coding are required.
    • Maintain communication with other team members and managers by managing the project and code on Git.
    • Make sure that when creating, security standards are always met.

         Why are you a perfect fit 

    • 2–8 years of experience creating apps professionally.
    • A strong background with widely used third-party libraries and services
    • B.E./ B.Tech./ M.E./ M.Tech/ BCA/ MCA/ Msc.IT with equivalent practical experience
    • Know Android inside and out, including networking, local data caching, and multitasking, as well as the Material Design Guidelines
    • Hankering after more authority and wisdom
    • An unwavering commitment to upholding code standards, passion for creating reliable systems that are designed to handle failure scenarios
    • Has a strong desire to create high-quality software and ensures that problems are reported and fixed promptly
      possesses strong planning and communication abilities in order to get ready for a release

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