Make Your Visitors Become  Loyal Clients


To generate contextual sales discussions and close more prospects, enhance with our sales oriented  AI powered platform. Integrated with Chat GPT and Training Models to enhance the bot to specific needs.

Use cases 

  • Companies want to give info about company and products 
  • Industries want to give info about products to Suppliers /Customers 
  • Schools/Colleges  want to give info about their courses 
  • As an education tool 
  • Endless applications for this chat bot based on requirements 

What we deliver?

  • Fully white labelled solution for custom needs 
  • Technical support package 
  • Model training support 
  • 100% Peace of mind .
*Use the full Power of Chat GPT & Azure AI Studio 
*Fully Compatiable with AI Regulations
*Choose your data for localizations such as Country Specific
* Free upgrade to latest versions 
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